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Taking a Life Sciences Company Global: What to Expect from an Investor Perspective with Paul Anderson - Orthocell

In this episode of the Investor Meets Innovator Podcast, host Peter Birch sits down with Paul Anderson, the Managing Director of Orthocell. With over 25 years of experience in the medical space and a background in device development and regenerative medicine, Paul shares his insights on the life sciences industry and the journey of bringing innovative medical technologies to market.

Paul discusses the challenges and opportunities in the healthcare industry, particularly in Western Australia where the economy is heavily reliant on the mining industry. He emphasises the importance of intellectual property protection and the role it plays in generating value in products and advancements in manufacturing.

Through his own experiences with Orthocell, Paul highlights the crucial elements for success in the life sciences, including multidisciplinary teams, funding, faith, and patience. He dives into the lengthy and complex pathway to market for medical devices and pharmaceutical products, shedding light on the challenges investors in the industry need to understand and navigate.

Paul also shares the story of Orthocell's pioneering technique to treat tetraplegic patients, resulting in improved mobility and life-changing outcomes for patients like Adrian. He explains the role of patient advocates, surgeons, and government support in developing successful and marketable technologies.

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