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Emerging Opportunities in Medicinal Cannabis and Psychedelics with Michael Winlo, Emyria Ltd and Fleta Solomon, Little Green Pharma

In this episode of the LSWA podcast, host Tracey Wilkinson interviews Fleta Solomon and Michael Winlo, two experts in the field of psychedelic-assisted therapy and medical cannabis. They discuss the potential of these treatments to revolutionise mental health care and provide a more holistic approach to patient care.

The conversation begins with a focus on the use of cannabis to achieve high THC effects for certain patients. Fleta and Mike emphasise the importance of therapy in every treatment plan, whether it be through coaching, encouragement, or support in using medication effectively. They stress that therapy is a key component in personalised treatment, aiming to make symptoms more manageable rather than curing the underlying disease.

The discussion then shifts to psychedelic-assisted therapy, particularly MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD. Fleta and Mike share remarkable results from studies showing significant improvement in patients' symptoms and even full remission from PTSD criteria. They explain the need for a team of therapists, doctors, special facilities, and tightly regulated medications to deliver these treatments effectively.

Fleta and Mike delve into the history of psychedelics and their therapeutic potential, highlighting the ongoing research and regulatory changes happening globally. They discuss the challenges and opportunities of providing access to these treatments in Australia, where there is a limited number of trained psychiatrists and specialised clinics. Despite the obstacles, they remain optimistic about the potential impact of psychedelics on mental health care.

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