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WA Fishing Industry Secures International Advice to Protect Seafood Security

25/07/23 - Last week WAFIC with funding from the Australian Government’s Fisheries Research and Development Corporation, hosted Scottish Fishermen’s Federation CEO, Elspeth Macdonald in WA to share and learn from Scotland’s experiences with growing impacts from marine parks and green energy projects, such as wind farms.

Scotland is more than a decade ahead of WA on this journey, but their experience is almost identical, so the insights are very valuable and highlights the need for genuine consultation that results in change and consideration of all stakeholders.

Without change the WA’s commercial fisheries will become unviable and not able to guarantee food security to the broader community, or supply restaurants and fish and chip outlets with local fresh seafood.

This week Elspeth Macdonald will be a Keynote Speaker at the Trans-Tasman Rock Lobster Conference in Adelaide through the support of South Australian Northern Zone Rock Lobster Fishermen’s Association with funding from FRDC.

In WA a story was picked up by several news outlets, with ABC Country Hour also covering the conversation, which you can listen to at:



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