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MS researcher wins Perron Institute Aspire Award

08/11/22 - Investigating the causes of multiple sclerosis and the potential for improved treatment of this distressing neurological disorder is the research focus of the 2022 Perron Institute Aspire Award winner, Dr Marzena Fabis-Pedrini, PhD.

Dr Fabis-Pedrini, whose scientific journey began in Poland, is a Senior Research Fellow and MS Research Coordinator in the Perron Institute’s Demyelinating Diseases Research group, an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at The University of Western Australia and an Honorary Research Associate in the Centre for Molecular Medicine and Innovative Therapeutics, Murdoch University.

Her research incorporates both clinical and laboratory aspects of MS, a disease where the immune system attacks the protective sheath (myelin) that covers nerve fibres, causing communication problems between the brain and the rest of the body.

The influence of genetic factors on disease susceptibility and investigating the clinical profiles of different subgroups of people with demyelinating diseases such as MS in Western Australia are among Dr Fabis-Pedrini’s current research interests.

Business Events Perth’s Aspire Awards support Western Australian researchers, academics and professionals to attend an international business event in the interest of professional development.

For more than two decades, this program has provided Western Australian experts with the opportunity to share knowledge and connect and collaborate with industry leaders at business events all over the world.

In highlighting WA’s expertise on a global platform, the Aspire Awards program also aims to create opportunities for hosting future such events in this State.

Dr Fabis-Pedrini plans to use her $5000 Aspire Award to attend the Pan-Asian Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (PACTRIMS). This international conference is focused on basic and clinical research and care in multiple sclerosis.

“I’m really excited to receive the Perron Institute Aspire Award,” Dr Fabis-Pedrini said. “I’m grateful to Business Events Perth and the Perron Institute for the opportunity to attend this conference and bring some of the cutting-edge research to Western Australia.

“Attendance at the PACTRIMS conference will allow me to learn about the newest discoveries, technologies, and treatments that can be implemented in WA laboratories working toward solving the mystery of MS. Bringing new ideas to WA may also help improve the quality of life for people living with MS.”

Dr Marzena Fabis-Pedrini at the Perron Institute

Perron Institute CEO Steve Arnott with Dr Marzena Fabis-Pedrini at the Perron Institute


Media contact:

Tennille Kroemer, Communications Manager, Perron Institute

Mobile: 0426 044 223



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