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Investing with Impact in the Life Sciences with Arjun Balaji - Tenmile

In this episode of the Investor Meets Innovator Podcast, host Peter Birch speaks with Arjun Balaji, an analyst with a clinical background at Tenmile, a venture capital firm in Perth, Western Australia. Arjun shares his background in medicine and his journey into the world of biotech startups before transitioning to investing.

Arjun discusses the importance of bridging the gap between clinicians and the technologies they use day-to-day. He highlights how investing in life sciences allows for both commercial success and positive impact. The conversation delves into the definitions of impact investing, philanthropy, and angel investing, and the role they play in the healthcare industry.

Learn about the mission of Tenmile to further the Australian biotech ecosystem through early-stage life sciences investing.

To learn more about Tenmile and their investments, visit

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