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Engaging with Founding Inventors: Ian Brown & Intan Oldakowska - Rex Ortho

In this episode of the Investor Meets Innovator Podcast, host Peter Birch is joined by Ian Brown, Executive Chairman, and Intan Oldakowska, Chief Scientific Officer, of Rex Ortho. They discuss the journey of Rex Ortho, a platform technology company focused on orthopaedic fixations, particularly in proximal femoral fractures.

Intan shares the background of Rex Ortho, which started in 2012 when she and her co-founder, Matt Oldakowski, were approached by a surgeon with a need for a solution to fixation failures. Intan and Matt embarked on their PhD research, learning about biomechanical engineering, regulatory requirements, and commercialisation. After several pivots and investments, they are now preparing for a clinical trial.

Ian, who joined the organisation later, talks about his decision to invest in Rex Ortho. He was drawn to the idea because it came from a surgeon with a genuine need, and he appreciated the effort and investment Intan and Matt put into understanding the market and gathering feedback from surgeons. Ian conducted his due diligence by interviewing surgeons and industry executives to assess the potential of the technology.

Throughout the episode, listeners gain insight into the challenges and successes of launching a healthcare startup, the importance of collaboration between clinicians and engineers, and the balance between financial returns and positive impact in healthcare investments.

To learn more about Rex Ortho and their innovative orthopaedic fixations, visit their website

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